Jan Procházka

Jan Procházka

Life goal in Business Intelligence– Make the BI delivery and operation smooth. Not as smooth as possible, but smooth.

Why me?

  • You want someone with reliable delivery model, so that he can really guarantee his estimations.
  • You desire for a project with no rescope and descope.
  • You want your technical (Developers and Deveploping administrators) or juniors colleagues to be effectively involved in the project.
  • Your goals require close cooperation with your IT application, infrastructure and project management teams and in the same time with business users.
  • You dream about moving your BI delivery and operation framework performance to the 21st century. Your vision is automation, continues integration, code generation, prototyping and etc.
  • You want to see, how the BI has evolved in the last years.

What we can do together?

Together we can do following activities

  • BI Solution Architecture, Data Modelling (3rd normal form or Dimensional), Analyses (with prototype as an deliverably output), Development
  • BI Development framework design, implementation or evaluation
  • BI Processes
  • I love doing challenging proof of concepts.

Make the Business Intelligence better.

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Conferences , Meetups and other education activities
  • Cooperation on methodologies, or methods or whatever you think could help Business Intelligence get better

Talk about BI project, Processes, BI Tools and other related stuff

  • Morning run or coffee is my preferred time and activity
  • Share knowledge about BI market.
  • Doesn’t matter whether you are a student or CEO. I do this activities anyway, so feel free to tell me.

CV Download

Clik on Get CV to start downloading pdf with the resume - to protect me and others - the company's names and my personal information were removed and are available on request only